We Interrupt Your Web Browsing to Bring You TV Commercials?

If ShortTail Media has its way, your Internet browsing will soon be interrupted by 15- to 30-second video ads. AdWeek reports that the company’s Digital 30 (D30) is a “deliberately intrusive” ad placement that loads as you browse between web pages.

The idea, of course, is for publishers to make more money by shifting ad dollars away from banner and other display ads that are sold in bulk to the more expensive video ads. Reuters has signed up for the service, and MSNBC.com and Weather.com are reportedly interested as well.

If that sounds awful to you (and it should) well, too bad. Earlier this year, ShortTail CEO David Payne gave a speech at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual meeting, saying publishers need to be less sensitive to user experiences (though he does promise frequency capping the ads so users don’t get overwhelmed).

We understand the need for publishers to increase revenue, but the web is built for speed. Throwing up mandatory TV commercial roadblocks will only agitate, frustrate and ultimately impede the ability of workers to get things done. According to a comment over at Silicon Alley Insider apparently left by ShortTail President and co-founder Jason Krebs, the spots will have a skip button that appears after 10 seconds. (Ten seconds is an eternity when you’re on deadline.)

ShortTail is working with Visible Measures and WPP’s Schematic on the D30 video ad platform, and plans to launch the beta program this summer.


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