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Video Services Consolidation: Multicast Buys Veotag

In a small deal, but nonetheless a good outcome for the six members of the Veotag team who get to keep their jobs, video-tagging startup Veotag has been bought by Multicast.

Atlanta-based Multicast, whose video platform enables both live and on-demand broadcasts for customers in sectors like real estate and corporate communications, announced the deal today (it had been rumored last week).

Multicast CEO Lou Schwartz tells us his company was exploring the use of automated metadata extraction for site search and SEO when they came upon New York City-based Veotag, which was looking for an acquirer. While Veotag’s video tagging isn’t actually automated — it requires humans to make annotations themselves — Schwartz saw it as way to broaden his company’s platform.

This morning we wrote about a competitor in the multimedia site search and SEO space, EveryZing, which does use automated speech-to-text, because it raised $8.25 million.