Coffee Break- Bubbling with the MiFi


You knew that as soon as I got the Verizon (s VZ) MiFi in my hot little hands that I had to head out to take it on the road. There is a Target Superstore (s TGT) two blocks from my house with a Starbucks (s SBUX) (sort of) inside, so here I sit. It’s a good test for the MiFi as there’s no Wi-Fi available, other than my own personal Wi-Fi bubble provided by the MiFi. In this photo I have the Viliv S5 and the iPhone 3G (s AAPL) connected to my own Wi-Fi hotspot. This thing absolutely rocks for ease of use.

Viliv S5 UMPC, Verizon MiFi 2200

Viliv S5 UMPC, Verizon MiFi 2200


remote control software

Wait- I know we’re all talking about the GSM version now, but what’s this one? I thought Verizon’s fastest data network was 3g, so what’s the point of connecting your iPhone 3g to a 3g-powered wifi network?

But the product is really smart and cool.

Ricky Cadden

Good to know there’s a GSM version coming out – not sure how I missed that.

The $99 price isn’t bad, even with a contract. It’s that $60/mo plan that’s killing these mobile broadband solutions. I’ll keep my MEdiaNet plan and just tether, for that.


Hi James,

Mind if I ask how hot your S5 gets when you’re online? I just received mine, and when online, the screen actually gets really hot. Never really had a laptop screen feel that way…

The whole unit seems to get pretty warm now I that I’m holding it.

Also, I’ve been using a diNovo Mini with it and find it’s much better than the onscreen kb, though not quite as efficient as a Stowaway due to thumb-typing.



That setup looks, pardon the word, uber-geek. You know you could replace all that gear with a single 13″ notebook with built-in WWAN, be just as productive, and not need a bag to carry it in either.

Maybe we should compare both work styles James for benefits/negatives?


While I sort-of agree and would take a one-piece over the kit-and-kaboodle (I’d love me an S5 nevertheless), I think this comment comes up in each post in which JK shows off his S5 and BT keyboard ;)

James Kendrick

Yes it does come up every time. This session was a test of the MiFi and nothing more. But, I would never get integrated WWAN because I use so many devices. That’s why the MiFi is outstanding for me.


Does it have a “quota meter” to warn you when you hit your 5 GB limit each month? ;)

James Kendrick

The Verizon Access Manager program will track your usage if desired. There is no way to track it if using via WiFi as the Access Manager program is not invoked. I believe you can track it via Verizon Online though.


How about up and down speed compared to it’s USB counterparts.


How much is the msrp? I would like to see more pricing info on the tools and services you use, and pricing plays a factor in our buying manager’s decision and expense justification process. :)

James Kendrick

Verizon is quoting $99.99 after a $50 rebate with a new 2-year contract. They have not quoted a price without the contract to me yet.


A GSM Version? Sweet Where, how much? I didn’t see it on ther’re website

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