Mobile Tech Minutes: Hands-On With Verizon’s MiFi 2200


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A loaner MiFi 2200 just showed up from Verizon Wireless (s VZ), and James has already been putting it through the paces. Before he burns out the integrated EVDO and Wi-Fi radios, let’s have a look-see at this small device that doubles as a broadband modem and wireless router. I was already impressed with the device when I played with it at this year’s CTIA Wireless show; for someone like me who uses different devices, the MiFi is certainly appealing.



can you leave it plugged in to wall or will it over charge


I have a cradlepoint which cost just as much as this will with contract. The disadvantages of the cradlepoint are that it has only 1h battery life and the USB slot for the modem is on the end. I’ve been afraid to throw it in a bag and lose the USB slot because something bumped against it. I got my Verizon modem long enough ago that I don’t have a cap and am hoping that I can change over to this. I’m tired of crawling under desks to find an outlet for the cradlepoint so I can have continuous access while I am moving among several rooms.


Hi James, one big concern, does it still work operatively and support your devices network when plugged to re-charge battery? I’ve read that the big drawback comes when charging, not allowing simultaneous operativity.


James Kendrick

When it is connected via USB it becomes a standard USB 3G modem. The WiFi router part is not active while it is connected. I’m not sure that is a problem, I wouldn’t want my laptop to be powering a WiFi router much anyway. Also, if that is a concern I would just get a 2nd battery and swap it in when the battery gets low.

I am surprised how many people seem to plan to run 5 devices with the MiFi all the time. I can tell you it won’t be good at that, 3G is not meant to be shared all the time. I would share it with one device, maybe two but for only short periods as I want the bandwidth all for myself.


James – Really? that stinks. What about Cradlepoint? Have you used/seen/played with their products? I have been considering them until I saw this.

That seems like a deal breaker for me.


Cool – I like the fact that the battery is removable, letting you plug in a second. That said, maybe a bigger 8 hour extended battery should be sold.

I still think that 5GB cap is the Achilles Heel of this device, especially if you intend to share that connection with four friends. If Verizon could offer a 25GB plan for $80, it would bring in more buyers.

James Kendrick

Occasional sharing is fine but who’s going to go around sharing their data plan with four friends all the time?


Not all the time, and maybe not with 4 others always, but you would be surprised in how frequent these instances are. Motion picture production crew who work on-location I know would love a device like this, or professional photographers/videographers that shoot outside the studio. These are the kind of people that work 12-16 hour days and need a connection that will be with them for extended periods. Even a family of four away for the long weekend somewhere could definitely use this device.

The problem is that 5GB cap. When you’re using something like this for extended periods, and sharing it at the same time, you’ll be hitting overages faster than you can say doubletallnonfatsugarfreesoydecafjavachipfrapuccino.

James Kendrick

Overage charges would be a legitimate business expense in those first examples as they should be. I would love unlimited plans but likely couldn’t afford one. We all don’t want to pay so businesses can be connected all the time.


I hear what you’re saying. My concern, other than overage charges, is that service providers may eventually restrict usage if you hit that cap repeatedly. I used to manage a business account at a large installation where usage was pooled, so overages were never a problem. It just seems too easy to reach the limits with what this device can do.


What is the DC input voltage and amperage to the MiFi?


Carlos Vigo Torres

Can you charge the MiFi with your laptop through USB?

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