Meraki Makes Its Enterprise Move

[qi:045] Meraki, the wireless access point maker, today sent out emails informing its customers than it’s launching two enterprise access points that can be managed via the web (Meraki, in an attempt to hop on the cloud buzzwagon, calls this a cloud controller). That means Meraki is going to compete with folks like Cisco (s CSCO), Juniper (s JNPR) and Motorola (s MOT) for enterprise business. Meraki says its equipment costs half that off the average setup, which if true, would indeed put pressure on the margins of said competitors.

However, this is Meraki’s second or possibly even third attempt at finding a market for its mesh networking technology. The company has pushed municipal Wi-Fi and is also trying to make a business selling access points to hotels, business districts and apartments interested in Wi-Fi.  It has some cool technology and ideas, but can it transition from selling to municipalities and folks trying to set up local networks, to the enterprise? If it does so, it would make its transition from an open-source, cheap hardware provider to money-making-business complete.