Lost Remote Ends Life As We Knew It


Lost Remote, the prolific future-of-television group blog which originated the space that NewTeeVee lives in, has effectively shut down, with founder Cory Bergman turning the site into a personal Tumblr. Lost Remote’s archives appear to have all been taken offline, and the new layout has no ad units, where in the past, Lost Remote had been a flagship site of Federated Media.

Bergman, who leads business development at MSNBC.com and is also working on a local news startup, explains,

A decade ago, I started Lost Remote with the slogan, “The TV Revolution is Coming. Are You Ready?” It’s safe to say the revolution has arrived, and that explains why I’ve been neglecting Lost Remote over the last few months.

Bergman said the change was also due to his desire to talk more about his own projects, and to become a more active social media participant by sharing links and his quick comments on them — building “followers” rather than readers.

We can’t say the change wasn’t telegraphed by Lost Remote’s slowed publishing in recent months, but we’re sad to see them go.

Update: Bergman says via email, “This is not the end of Lost Remote, it’s a new beginning that adopts a shorter-form, distributed publishing approach and a more personal, business-oriented look at the tremendous changes facing media today.”


Steve Safran

Anyone who has followed LR knows that the site has been in constant evolution for 10 years. Cory started it as an email. Then it was a traditional site. Then a blog. Then a group blog. LR preaches change, and it would be silly to think it wouldn’t follow its own message.

Has life changed along the way for Cory? Of course. LR has been a long labor of love for him, and participating in it changed my life.

It’s remarkable to think how quickly people become cynical of a person’s own volunteer work. But I’ve heard from so many people about how LR changed their thinking, their approach to the Web and more.

Lost Remote isn’t ending its life as we know it. It’s evolving, as it always has. LR blogged for years before it was even considered “real news.” Now he’s on a different platform.

LR has always criticized “Old Media” for being static and unresponsive. The lesson, as I’m sure Om Malik would agree with, is that you have to evolve.

Liz Gannes

@Steve and Cory – The post was meant to be respectful, not cynical! I’ll keep reading for Cory’s perspective. But I do think he should put the archives back up. Evolving is great, but the past was sometimes pretty good too.

Cory Bergman

Um, Lost Remote did not “end life as we know it,” I simply converted it from a group blog to a personal site, of which Lost Remote has been for great stretches of its 10 year history.

Same content, more frequently, shorter form.

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