Lenovo Refreshes IdeaPad S10 Netbooks (But Just Barely)

S10-2_family_01Official word of a Lenovo IdeaPad update hits tonight, and folks like Crave have already outed some of the details. The S10-2 is slightly lighter and thinner than its predecessor, coming it at 2.2 pounds and 0.71 inches in thickness. The same 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU and hard drive options power the S10-2, so there isn’t much difference in terms of under-the-hood changes. There is a keyboard redesign with a larger right-Shift key and touchpad, plus Lenovo will offer cover patterns and one of four colors on the outside: white, black, pink or grey. Each model will come with a 6-cell battery so you can expect at least five hours of runtime with this configuration.

Pricing for the new S10-2 is $349, although an integrated 3G option arriving this summer will raise the price to $399. Expect to see the new S10-2 base models shipping within the next few weeks. The updated netbooks will still have the VeriFace facial recognition and QuickStart environment that Lenovo introduced at this year’s CES. Since there aren’t too many breakthrough changes in the new S10-2, our video review of the original S10 might be worth watching to give you a better feel for this family of devices.


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