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EveryZing Adds $8.25M from NBC and Others

The folks at EveryZing have carved out a nice niche for their video search technology, and now have scored some validation from NBC (s GE), which signed up as a customer and also invested in the startup’s latest round.

EveryZing is announcing today it’s raised $8.25 million from NBC’s Peacock Equity alongside Fairhaven Capital, General Catalyst Partners, Accel Partners and BBN Technologies. This follows a $10 million round in June 2007, and brings the company’s total funding to $22 million.

Cambridge, Mass.-based EveryZing, which initially spun out as a speech-to-text podcast search engine from military tech provider BBN, now offers site search and search engine optimization products that specialize in multimedia. It’s well-positioned to take advantage of the great video SEO frontier. The NBC deal, which has been in place for a while now, includes indexing, metadata generation and SEO for properties like CNBC, Bravo, Sci-Fi and Telemundo, as well as publishing services for some iVillage sites.

EveryZing CEO Tom Wilde told us that after his company’s progress signing sports and radio deals in the last year, he’s now targeting entertainment and enterprise markets.

4 Responses to “EveryZing Adds $8.25M from NBC and Others”

  1. Everyzing is trying to solve a pretty tough problem, but whoever cracks this nut stands to make out like a bandit. So far, I think that their are still big problems with their solution, but it’s good to see them getting more money to try and refine it.