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Google: Making One Cheeseburger Uses As Much Energy As 15,000 Web Searches

imageWhat can you do to help the environment? Keep clicking away on Google (NSDQ: GOOG), according to the search engine. The company, under attack from some quarters for the amount of energy it uses, is offering some new data in its defense. The new numbers, released on Google’s blog today, aim to put into perspective the amount of carbon dioxide emitted each time a person does a Google search. Not completely clear why the company decided to put out the data now, but it may still be rattled by a Times of London report earlier this year that showed that performing two Google searches could generate the same amount of CO2 as boiling a kettle for a cup of tea.

After the jump, Google’s list of comparisons, including the energy required to put out a newspaper vs. the number of Google searches that could be conducted with that amount of energy. (Hint: Now, newspapers and Eric Schmidt will have something else to battle about.)


Have to say that the inclusion of newspapers on the list seems a bit unnecessary. They’re in enough trouble as it is without having to have the environmentally unfriendly label leveled at them.

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5 Responses to “Google: Making One Cheeseburger Uses As Much Energy As 15,000 Web Searches”

  1. Dave and others in defense of Google, you do not consider the fact that Google is not only searches but huge ad-pusher. The users are told that the ads come to them "free of charges" and even are necessary to keep the "free" Internet model alive.

    The reality is a lot more complekated. The "free" ads take a significant portion of your disc space and your bandwidht. Massive energy is required to display and distribute them, and who pays for that unnecessary energy, Google? No, you all of us. All of us using Google serches and advertising model are contributing to unnecessary CO2 emission. if you consider the share number of the ads in the Web, their use produces millions of tones of CO2. Thisnk about it.

    Google tries to play down the search impact on environment, and they have some vaild argument; but there is no excuse for the CO2 emitted because of the massive energy-hungry advertisement business model. And, Google is yetto explain how much CO2 the ads produce.

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous. Every time you use a computer, including conducting searches on any site or surfing the internet, you are using electricity. This requires the production of energy and therefore causes CO2 emissions. While all searches essentially produce CO2 (because of the electricity), Google is the best alternative because they actually power a portion of their energy needs with a huge solar array.

  3. drock

    except google pushes about 300 million searches a day…so I guess everyday they use enough energy to power 1 house 9 years. or about 100 homes for a month. google manipulating data as usual


  4. With all due respect to the age old (as in older than the industrial revolution) global climate change, CO2 is not so much of a problem as CO. Unfortunately, as carbon based life forms, we are all now guilty of emitting poisonous and/or toxic waste into the atmosphere as long as we are alive. Wouldn't it be nice if the media and government bureaucrats would focus on actual toxins such as Carbon MONOXIDE rather than on CO2 or Carbon Dioxide that makes up a very minute portion of our atmosphere but is also a prerequisite for the existing cycle of carbon based life as we know it?

    Just sayin'

    As for Google? Quick as always jumping on any "user-friendly" bandwagon that comes along as long as it makes them look (Insert your cause du jour) friendly.

    Just my two cents