Broadband Content Bits: Celebdaq Is Back; Kids’ iPlayer; Anti-P2P Lobby; Brightcove-Sevenload


imageBBC-Celebdaq: The BBC is resurrecting its online celebrity news-based stock exchange game Celebdaq. Though the game is still played by around 25,000 people a week, its popularity waned since the buzz surrounding it briefly prompted a spin-off BBC3 TV show in 2003. The re-launched game, developed by Monterosa, will incorporate Twitter, Facebook and celeb blogs from the likes Perez Hilton. From

BBC kids’ iPlayer: The BBC is promoting its young children’s programming with a new iPlayer front page based around its pre-school focused CBeebies brand. The Beeb rolled out a similar front page indexing CBBC content, designed for children aged six to 12, last year. Since its 2007 launch, the iPlayer has clocked up 414 million views, according to BBC data while the CBeebies site itself received one than one million UK unique users during the first week of February. Release.

Anti-P2P lobby: Just like newspaper group CEOs got together earlier this year to lobby Lord Carter as he prepares his final Digital Britain report, six entertainment and telco leaders are now working together to influence Carter’s views on online piracy. Lucian Grainge of Universal Music joins Michael Lynton of Sony (NYSE: SNE) Pictures, Virgin Media (NSDQ: VMED) CEO Neil Berkett, BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) CEO Jeremy Darroch, football Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore and Channel 4 chief Andy Duncan. It’s unclear how Carter plans to enforce it, but the Interim digital Britain report recommended ISPs give out more warnings to P2P piracy offenders. From Times Online.

Brightcove-Sevenload: Web video platform merchant Brightcove has partnered with Cologne-based social media platform Sevenload, allowing Brightcove customers wider distribution for their video. Brightcove says one client, German sports portal, is already doing just that while Sevenload hopes increased content will drive membership to its community. Release.

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