Weekend Vid Picks: There’s a Star Trek for Everyone


Whether you’re a long-time fan cautiously approaching J.J. Abrams’ reboot of the beloved franchise, or a summer movie enthusiast intrigued by the promise of space battles, this weekend you probably have Star Trek on the brain. The Internet certainly does.

Take NextNewNetworks’ IndyMogul. On their company blog last week, Tim Shey went into detail about how they’ve doubled the channel’s audience by, among other things, targeting videos around upcoming film releases. This week they went double-time, not only doing a funny sketch about two Federation cadets transporting into the past in order to meet sexy Earth ladies

But they also created a Backyard F/X episode showing how to create the transporter effect on your own.

Meanwhile, Dan Meth created this week’s Trek Yourself for Atom.com, a clever animated spin on the new film’s young, hot cast by reimagining Star Trek as a high school romantic comedy.

Special Features: Trek Yourself

Of course, YouTube user tmustain beat Meth to the punch several months ago with this mashup of the first Star Trek trailer and Beverly Hills 90210.

The above is a parody made by what was probably a loyal Trekkie — the sort who the Onion News Network had in mind when reporting on the fan reaction to the new film.

But if you ask me, those fans should relax. For one thing, I’ve seen the new film, and it is indeed totally “fun and watchable.” And also, it’s not like the original series isn’t still around — CBS.com currently hosts about 20 episodes of classic TOS, including (according to some incredibly unscientific research I did), everyone’s favorite episodes The City on the Edge of Forever and The Trouble with Tribbles.

See? Online video truly upholds that ancient Vulcan philosophy: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Put another way: There’s something for everyone.



Everyone is in Star Trek fever. The new film is great and worth watching. It fits to the old series.

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