Verizon to Launch HP Mini 1000 Netbook, MiFi 3G Router May 17

verizon-netbookThings are beginning to look like Verizon is about to embrace mobile computing in a big way. We already heard they will be launching the MiFi personal 3G cloud device on May 17, and word is beginning to leak out that they will also be debuting a subsidized HP Mini 1000 netbook. This makes sense on many levels, and I believe such a venture will be successful for Verizon.

mifi2200_tilted_rightThe MiFi 3G router is a potential game changer in my view; it takes the mobile broadband service and turns it into simple, one-button Wi-Fi that works anywhere as far as customers are concerned. This has the potential to make the entire 3G process so simple that it removes the intimidation that many consumers have with mobile broadband. It would also make a perfect fit with a netbook like the HP Mini 1000, so perhaps they’ll offer some sort of bundle deal?

(via BGR)

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