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Vid-Biz: iPlayer, Guitar Hero, Atlanta Braves

Everything You Wanted to Know About the BBC iPlayer; the web TV service pushes out 12GB of data every second, and people are watching it on their iPhones when they go to bed; more facts in this in-depth story. (CNET U.K.)

Guitar Hero TV? Talks are underway to turn the popular music video game into a reality show. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Atlanta Braves Allow Fans to Create Content; organization partners with FanSection to let select fans create a series of web videos about the team. (MediaWeek)

Atom’s New Web Series Combines Puppets and Police; The Fuzz will also be adapted by Comedy Central into a pilot presentation for TV. (Broadcasting & Cable)

OpenDNS to Blame for Qwest Video Problems? The free service used to speed up downloads could be the culprit in choppy YouTube experiences. (Consumerist)

StupeFlix Uses APIs to Create Video; service can create videos out of pictures by editing XML. (TechCrunch Europe)

MPAA to Teachers: Don’t Rip DVDs, Video the Screen; instructional video shows educators how to camcord movies from a flat-screen monitor. (BoingBoing)

MPAA shows how to videorecord a TV set from timothy vollmer on Vimeo.

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