T-Mobile to Launch Many Android Devices Later This Year

T-Mobile USA is looking to introduce Android-based devices from three different manufacturers, Cole Brodman, chief technology officer of the company, said in a conversation with me earlier today. Android is a mobile OS developed by Mountain View, Calif.-based technology giant, Google. “We are looking to launch multiple Android-based devices in the second half of this year with three partners,” he said. Brodman expects Android to find its way down into feature phones on the low end. T-Mobile has sold over a million G-1 Google Phones thus far, and most of the devices are turning out to be bandwidth hogs on par with Apple’s super successful iPhone.

During our conversation Brodman hinted that T-Mobile USA is pretty optimistic about Android OS running on netbooks. He said he’s seen demo versions of Android-based netbooks from the largest U.S. computer manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard and Dell, which would qualify as non-traditional partners. It seems Android is starting to gain some ground in the fight for netbooks. I will publish my entire interview with Brodman on Monday, after I transcribe the interview.


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