Broadband Content Bits: Traffic, French IPTV Subs, Google Share, Sky Deutschland The UK Film Council’s new website claims to have hit 10 two million visits in the 10 weeks since its launch., dubbled a “Google (NSDQ: GOOG) for film”, launched in January after a £1 million build-out to offer cinema and TV listings, DVD, Blu-ray and download options for 34,000 films. The council says the site has broken in to comScore’s top 20 for movie sites.

French IPTV: France, already the world’s biggest country for IPTV subscriptions, now has 6.2 million subs – an annual increae of 36.8 percent, says telecoms regulator ARCEP (via C21). Some 37 percent of ADSL broadband subscribers take IPTV packages, with Orange the most popular service on 2.2 million subs.

Google search share: On the subject of France, Google was far and away the country’s top search site in April, pulling 89.83 percent of all queries, according to AT Internet. Everyone else has merely crumbs – Live Search on 2.90 percent, Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) 2.48 percent, AOL (NYSE: TWX) 1.66 percent and Orange 1.47 percent.

Premiere AG: Now that it’s got 30.5 percent of the German pay-TV provider, News Corp (NYSE: NWS) is planning to rename it Sky Deutschland, sources tell That would bring it in to line with Sky Italia, New Zealand’s own Sky and Sky FBiH of Bosnia and Herzegovina, each fully or partially owned by Rupert Murdoch’s conglomerate.

Spanish ads: Spain is following France by proposing a bill that would remove advertising from state TV channels La Primera and La Dos. To offset, Spain has proposed a three percent levy on commercial TV and a 0.9 percent levy on telcos like Telefonica (NYSE: TEF). It’s raised commercial operators’ hopes of a greater slide of ad income. Via Reuters.