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Wireless Scorecard, We Heart Data Edition

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[qi:083] It’s been a rough first three months of the year for the economy, but while overall subscriber growth at wireless carriers stayed pretty stable, wireless data revenue continued to climb. AT&T’s reliance on the iPhone was once again made clear, as was Sprint’s difficulty holding onto postpaid subscribers (although thanks to its $50 unlimited prepaid plan offered by its Boost Mobile subsidiary, it gained prepaid subscribers on its iDEN network).The biggest changes during the first quarter of the year were T-Mobile’s slowdown in gaining new subscribers, and Verizon’s subscriber spike brought on by the closing of the Alltel acquisition. To mark another change — the growth of prepaid providers — we’re adding data from MetroPCS and Leap Wireless to the scorecard. We’ll post Leap’s this afternoon, but note that both providers sell only prepaid services rather than contract services like the national carriers do. For reference, check out our Q4 2008 scorecard.

T-Mobile (reported May 7)

  • Wireless Revenue: $5.45 billion
  • Wireless Net Income: $322 million
  • Wireless Data Revenue: $467 million
  • Net Prepaid and Postpaid Subscriber Adds: 415,000
  • Total Subscribers: 33.2 million
  • Churn (contract and prepaid): contract: 2.3 percent, prepaid: N/A
  • ARPU: Postpaid $52, prepaid N/A

Sprint (s S) (reported May 4)

  • Wireless Revenue: $7.04 billion
  • Wireless Operating Loss: $286 million
  • Wireless Data Revenue: N/A
  • Net Subscriber Gain Prepaid: 674,000
  • Net Subscriber Loss Postpaid:1.25 million
  • Total Subscribers: 49.1 million
  • Churn: Postpaid 2.25 percent, prepaid 6.86 percent
  • ARPU: Postpaid $56, prepaid $31

AT&T (s T) (reported April 22)

  • Wireless Revenue: $12.86 billion
  • Wireless Operating Income: $3.34 billion
  • Wireless Data Revenue: $3.2 billion
  • Net Subscriber Adds Prepaid: 325,000
  • Net Subscriber Adds Postpaid: 875,000
  • Total Subscribers: 78.2 million
  • Churn: 1.2 percent postpaid, prepaid N/A
  • ARPU: Postpaid $59.21, prepaid N/A

Verizon (s VZ) (reported on April 27)

  • Wireless Revenue: $15.1 billion
  • Wireless Operating Income: $4.26 billion
  • Wireless Data Revenue:$3.6 billion
  • Net Subscriber Adds Prepaid and Postpaid: 1.3 million
  • Total Subscribers: 86.6 million (includes 13.2 million new Alltel subscribers)
  • Churn: 1.47 percent blended, 1.14 percent postpaid
  • ARPU: Blended $50.74

MetroPCS (s PCS) (reported on May 7)

  • Wireless Revenue: $795 million
  • Wireless Operating Income: $131 million
  • Wireless Data Revenue: N/A
  • Net Prepaid Subscriber Adds: 684,000
  • Total Subscribers: 6.1 million
  • Prepaid Churn: 5 percent
  • Prepaid APRU: $40.40

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