Verizon MiFi 3G Router Coming May 17


mifi2200_tilted_rightWe’ve been interested in the MiFi 3G router ever since Novatel first announced it, and we were impressed when we saw it in person at the CTIA this year. There’s something about a Wi-Fi router the size of a credit card that has EV-DO integrated for connecting almost anywhere and sharing the connection with up to five devices. Verizon (s vz) was obviously impressed, too, and have commissioned a model of the Novatel MiFi for their 3G network that will be available on May 17.

The Verizon MiFi 2200 will be available with a couple of monthly data plan options: a $40 plan for 250 MB ($0.10/MB overage) and a $60 plan for 5 GB ($0.05/MB overage). Those who travel infrequently will be able to get an unsubsidized MiFi and use a 24-hour day pass for $15 as needed. The MiFi will run you $100 after a $50 rebate at Verizon on May 17. I have to admit I am seriously considering replacing my USB Verizon modem with one of these for the ease of use it provides.

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I got mine… I have three devices currently connected. It is beautiful!!!


If I can plug this thing into the power outlet in my car, I want one. I will probably what a few months an see if att comes out with something similar. I’m elegible for an upgrade on mny 3g modem.

Imagine getting into you car and having instant braodband internet. No need to plug anything in, its just there.

I am concerned about the 5 gig cap, but so far, I have yet to hit it with my current usb modem. But I am careful about how much I use it.


I already have a VZW data plan for my BB. Are they expecting an ADDITIONAL $60/month for the wifi router? Or can I use the same plan for both the BB and the wifi router?

James Kendrick

Typically full data plans that can be used on laptops are totally separate and more expensive than phone data plans. Each device needs it own plan and the MiFi should be no different.


VZW currently has laptop tethering for $15/month. It seems to me that they should offer the WiFi gateway as a similar add-on to an existing plan.


Nice device but has two fatal flaws:

1. That 5GB cap is now “shared” among devices, so you and your friends will be paying overages a lot faster. It would have been wiser for Verizon to push that number out to a respectable 25GB and perhaps charge $80/month. Caps only end up screwing consumers, they should be gone with completely.

2. Four hours battery time is poor if you’re on an 8 hour workday. That means I gotta buy, carry around, and swap/charge a second battery.

James Kendrick

1. That same cap is already applied to my current USB modem account so it’s no different, and I do share that one too.

2. I am trying to verify you can use the MiFi while plugged in. I would think you could. The battery is not removable I don’t think.


1. You share your device but not your connection – big difference!

2. Built-in battery! Even worse. So now you’ve got a device dangling out the USB port leaving you back where you started.

Seriously, the only benefit this thing has is the ability to share your internet connection with four other folks. That 4 hour battery is a killer, and if it needs to be plugged in, you’re better off sticking with a USB modem.

Had they made the device a little thicker and put an 8 hour battery in there, I would be a lot happier. But I still think sharing that 5GB cap will severely limit it’s utility.

James Kendrick

You still get 4 hours of battery operation before you need to plug it in which is more than enough for most folks. I will replace my USB modem in a heartbeat for one of these.

Gavin Miller

Yep definite issues there luscious, however, what appeals to me is the flexibility. As soon as these are available in the UK to buy I’ll be dropping for one for use with a 15Gb plan. I can’t think of any situation whereby I’d need more than 4 hours and am not near a charging outlet.

I’m thinking how convenient this is for Ipod touch owners, Viliv S5 owners, PSP etc. Keep it in a pocket, when you want to go online just switch it on an connect device.

James, let us know re using connected but I’d be pretty sure that a usb to mini usb cable from laptop will charge it as you use it.


I would think this would also work on Sprint’s network


This is a great idea for a device. If your road tripping, hook it up to the lighter and everyone but the driver can be online. Even the driver could use it to drive a navigation system based on the paid version of Google Earth.

Will Ginn

So I could use this as a “hot spot” for my iTouch?


I would be happier if the AT&T one was being released on May 17. However, it is very likely I will be standing in line to get a Verizon one on May 17th. Is the $100 the subsidized price? Anyone know what the unsubsidized price will be?


According to the following article the unsubsidized price will be $270, but you’ll pay $15 / 24-hours when you choose to activate it.

David Pogue of the NY Times wrote:

“…you pay $40 a month for the service (250 megabytes of data transfer, 10 cents a megabyte above that). If you watch videos and shuttle a lot of big files, opt for the $60 plan (5 gigabytes). And if you don’t travel incessantly, the best deal may be the one-day pass: $15 for 24 hours, only when you need it. In that case, the MiFi itself costs $270”

Gavin Miller

Interestingly, here in the UK, Vodafone have a capped ‘pay as you go’ for data at 50p, roughly 75 cents a day. Other carriers are similar but about twice the cost. Pretty good value I think, certainly compared to $15!


I wonder what supply will be like on launch, I want one bad… but how many regular Joes will decend on Verizon on May 17.

Camping in the parking lot anyone?

James Kendrick

Very much so. The beauty of the MiFi is how it’s a WiFi router meaning it can even be used easily with phones as needed.

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