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Palm Pre Launch Lunch June 5

You don’t see a single day go by without another rumor about the launch date of the Palm (s palm) Pre, and today is no different. The Boy Genius Report has gotten hold of a presentation slide from Palm that mentions a Palm Pre Launch lunch to be held on June 5. This timing would fit right into the rumor of a June 7 official launch to steal thunder from any Apple (s aapl) iPhone announcement at the WWDC. It also makes sense from the perspective that one would assume that Palm employees would need to get a nice meal before getting slammed with work from the Pre launch.


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  1. I just got an Sprint invitation for a Sprint PRE Launch party at 6pm on June 5th at a local sprint store. States that I will be able to buy the PRE for $199 after $100MIR.

  2. Palm (PALM) has been at death’s door for some time. It prospects have improved recently and the company has one last chance to become viable when it launches its new “Pre” product. Recent research shows that almost no one who owns an Apple (AAPL) iPhone or RIM (RIMM) Blackberry will switch to the new smartphone, so Palm will have to essentially expand the market to get share for its new device during a recession. The “Pre” will also be sold exclusively though Sprint (S), the No.3 cellular carrier in the US which has been losing subscribers consistently for more than two years. The launch of the “Pre” is a disaster in the making. Palm’s results for the quarter that ended on February 27th were awful, failing to meet Wall St’s modest expectations. Palm sold only 482,000 handsets for the period, down 42% from the same quarter the year before. Revenue dropped from $312 million to $91 million, and Palm lost $95 million. Palm brought in just over $100 million with the help of its largest shareholder, Elevation Partners, in a recent financing. The bottom line is that Palm has no chance of getting an even modest part of the smartphone market in a severe economic downturn since it competes with two of the premier technology companies in the world—Apple and RIM. Palm won’t be in business in a year

    • We already know what the plans are going to be on the Pre. You need an Everything Data plan, whether that’s the Everything Data 450, the Everything Data 900, the Everything Data Family plans, or the Simply Everything plan:

      Everything Data 450: $69.99
      Everything Data 900: $89.99
      Simply Everything: $99.99

      Or if you know a Sprint Employee you can get the Everything Plus Referral Plans.

      Everything Plus 500: $59.99
      Everything Plus 1000: $79.99

      But there are Sprint company discounts that you might want to look into (not off the Everything Plus or Simply Everything plans though), depending where you work at. Or if you use a credit union, you can get a 10% discount from Sprint for that.

      For the full matrix of plans that the Pre will work with:

  3. cirrob

    Could someone please explain to me why all the hype about the pre? Dont get me wrong, I am not an Iphone Fan either. I think that thing is a worthless toy. But I don’t understand the exitement about this device either.
    I mean I would take this over an Iphone if those were my only two options as this is obviously more of a useful tool than it . However the windows mobile platform still seems more useful by for than the pre (webos).

    • Have you watched any of the videos of it? The CES presentation, while long, shows everything that has people excited. But to summarize the main points:

      True multitasking done in a very intuitive and simple manner (iPhone doesn’t really have the former, WinMob doesn’t have the latter.)

      Threaded MMS/SMS/IM all in one chat window, so the conversation can continue through whichever method you need.

      Synergy for contacts and calendar…. aka no matter where your information is stored*, it pulls that information in and it’s always accessible.

      *Okay, right now it seems that it’s only Google Calendar, Exchange Activesync, Gmail/Google Contacts, and Facebook, but that covers everything I personally need, and I’d bet that they’ll get more services after launch.

      Fastest CPU in any smartphone yet.

      Universal search… when you want to do something, start typing and you can do it, whether it’s a contact, a program on the phone, or information on the internet.

      Unobtrusive but powerful notification system that can be utilized by any applications.

      And yes, some of us are just excited to see Palm making a comeback as well.

    • And I probably should’ve said this in the last comment, but honestly, it’s my opinion that no phone since the original Treo has done PIM any better than Palm has. To pretty much every other smartphone maker, that sort of thing is an afterthought. To me, that’s one of the key metrics of a smartphone, the ability to help keep track of my life, and it’s sad to see it’s been pretty much ignored for so long.

      And then there’s the pitch about it being the phone for your whole life. I can’t say that necessarily works for everyone, but I sort of agree with it.

      I mean, Blackberries do great email, yes. iPhone is a great media player and has some great games now. Windows Mobile multitasks decently enough. Android has a good notification system. The Pre seems to combine all of these things into one device. (The games might be an issue at first, but I think that’ll improve eventually.)

    • Well first of all palm is the first company who can really compete with the UI apple provides on the iphone. Of course there are many today screen plugins for WinMo devices like TouchFLO3d, but none of them work systemwide. Palm introduced some innovative things like synergy, which has already been copied by htc on their new devices like the htc touch diamond 2.

      I’m running an WinMo Blog, so i’m not bashing windows mobile here. Right now i think windows mobile is the best choice overall. But palm is still an option.

      I want to see the real multitasking live before i believe that it will really make a big difference to WinMo though. But generally palm really did a good job this time, and deserves some spotlight.

      My main concern is the 3rd party support, i’m afraid that this will be the point were palm can’t get the boost they need to be up to par with iphone and winmo devices. I don’t care about old emulated palm os software, i want new palm pre apps…

  4. This could be really really dangerous. *If* Apple do release a new iphone around the same time then Palm may loose all its hype and free advertising very quickly as the *press* ignore it to report on the new Apple. Personally I would have at least a couple of weeks between the Palm launch and anything that could steal its thunder.


    • Honestly, any time that the Pre is even mentioned in the same sentence as the iPhone is a win for Apple in general perception. On top of that, I think Palm really thinks that it’s got the better phone, and that it’ll come out on top in comparisons. From what I’ve seen, I agree wholeheartedly over the iPhone 3G (even with 3.0), though the jury is still out on whatever new hardware Apple will introduce.

  5. Honestly, I’d say with 99% certainty at this point that it’s going to launch on June 7.

    Exhibit A: From

    Exhibit B: From
    “EDIT: I am throwing in one more little tid-bit for those interested… Training for the Palm Pre officially ends 6-5-09. The last WEEK DAY before the launch.”

    However, that same person does say that this is a fake image, so who knows.

  6. However, there remains a big question about authenticity – “benEfits” is misspelled. Well, uless there is an employee by that name speaking at that time.