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No More YouTube Without Google (Accounts)

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YouTube announced last night that all new signups on the site will require a Google account. The move comes as part of an industry-wide shift towards better authentication for online video watching, but it won’t drastically change user experience on the site.

It makes sense to more closely link people’s real-world identities to their activities on YouTube as its allows advertising to be better targeted and accounted for. It also make sense to integrate YouTube and Google (s GOOG), given they’ve been the same company for two-and-a-half years now.

We’ve suggested in the past that YouTube should actually link up with Facebook accounts, since they’re even more closely linked with users’ real-world identities and social activities online. (Google accounts are great and all, but what do Google Docs really have to do with the latest Fred episode? Whereas Facebook accounts enable cool new applications like live conversations while watching CNN’s streaming of the Obama Inauguration.)

Under this YouTube account system, new YouTube users have the option of creating a new Google Account or linking to an old one; they can also choose a different YouTube display name. In our experience, Google accounts are more often associated with people’s real names, because they correspond to their email accounts, while YouTube usernames tend to be silly and cryptic monikers.

YouTube also warned existing account holders that they will have to link up their Google Accounts to enable new features in the future.

However, you can still watch as much video as you want on the site without logging in.

Authentication is an increasingly important issue in online video, with cable providers plotting to link up TV subscriptions and online video viewing. Knowing who your viewers are will be an important part of any media business model going forward.

32 Responses to “No More YouTube Without Google (Accounts)”

  1. this is complete BS! I’m done with youtube and google has now gone from being a company i was indifferent towards to being a company i loath with a passion.

    good riddance!

  2. I am so pissed! Youtube wont even let me browse without a Google account! I did previously have a google account because my school made me get one for some stupid reason; HOWEVER, that was years ago and I’ve long since forgotten my password. Now I can’t fucking sign in. Youtube is making some pretty fucking retarded moves! What the hell!?? First the annoying bombardment of adds, then the shitty new layout, then THIS!?
    What a bunch of Nazis. >:(

  3. ~sighs~
    i don’t really mind making a new email address but to have to add personal information in just for youtube,
    + have to sit through thousands of ads everywhere INCLUDING In the middle of the video…
    and have to re-upload everything
    uhh No, im good

  4. i might jus use bing or some other shit google makes me mad with the linking accounts i have no privacy wat so ever i cant log into either account wat are they going 2 do next make you start paying for google and youtube nooo i give up on this

  5. I couldn’t even read the entire article because of the nonsense in it. I’m so glad I’m not the only one pissed about this.

    Sigh~ so long youtube, you once lovely place.

    Now what is this bing site…?

  6. Yeah, this is not as good as it sounds.. We are just getting one step closer to paying subscriptions to even watch youtube videos. Guarantee vevo will be making us pay to watch music videos soon, getting everyone in the door then hit us with fees. Just like Hulu converted hulu “PLUS” now. These programs can only be cool for so long, until someone sells out.. or large corporations ruin it. I wonder what the next big thing will be when youtube finally gets ruined (Its already pretty much there) Videos are getting removed all the time. Thank god for piracy, I feel this what made youtube good.. piracy is not ALL bad, my friends have bought many movies/games after seeing my pirated version. There are so many things I would have never even watched or played if it wasn’t for piracy. It’s basically like free advertising for products, yes some developers could completely lose out. But there is some gain to piracy too. Youtube should not forget what makes it popular. I really look up to the guy that made craigslist, he does not sell out even today (unfortunately scammers on there are kind of ruining it)

  7. You've got to be kidding me

    This is the most stupid idea I’ve ever heard of. Google and Youtube? Sure, I’m an avid fan of both, but I’ve never had a Google account, and now I’m being forced to create one just to access my YouTube account? Ridiculous.

    Let’s see if I’ll ever use Google again. Bing all the way!


    I’m glad to see many people are with me.. I’m not a paranoid person but SKYNET is google.

    Now they turn me into a google hater, I used to praise & boast the company to my friends telling them about google was good for enviroment and us doing a great service (like with google-411 free info line that they took DOWN!?!?)

    I loved googles search since they changed the search engine scene… I’ve loved youtube as my best friend because of my love for music and craving for Info.

    But you can kiss it all goodbye GOOGLE, I’m now reluctantly a bing user..anything but your search from now on.

    No more browsing youtube for me, you don’t have to believe me that they’re replacement sites for you…unlimited amount of sites like you.

    You’re like a girlfriend that snoops through my phone or e-mail, diggin for info!… Then your pillow talk excuse is ” so we can create a better relationship”

    I stopped watching tv and threw it out long ago because of garbage broadcasting, media…and most of all their commercials loudly shoved in your face.

    I’m about to do that with the internet…Ads are getting bad!!!

    I’m done..but most of all google,
    You’re done as well!


  9. I’m with Jo. I’m done with youtube and google. I’m so sick of being forced to do what these companies want me to. They’re herding us like cattle to exactly where they want us. Well, I for one want choices, and I will go where ever they give me just that.

  10. Psstdofff

    Ok, since today I can’t login to youtube anymore either without a google account.

    Instead of gaining a new google account member, they just lost a youtube member.

    Listen, and I really hope some google n*rd reads this.
    I HAVE NEVER, IN MY INTIRE LIFE, clicked on any add whatsoever on purpose.

    Adds are the reason I DON’T watch tv.
    Why the hell would I start watching adds on the internet then huh?

    Get it into your head, people are getting sick and tired of adds. Not much longer and they will have the opposite effect on everyone else too.

    Enough = ENOUGH !!!

    The purpose of Google is that people can FIND whatever they are looking for, not to get crap trown into their face which they clearly DID NOT ask for!

  11. cunnilingus

    google is so annyoing. i want privacy.
    as soon as i find another search engine, that has a decent search allgorithm, i’ ll never google again.
    nobody needs personalization, to get results, if you’ re not retarded.
    what google is basically doing is gathering information to turn the internet into the pile of crap that non-interactive media had become.
    since i m bilingual i dont like either that you cant access two different google sites anymore without having to change the search preferences with a painful lot of chliks.
    preferences and personalisation suck.

  12. God how I HATE this. I’ve had the same old account for 3 years now, and greatly miss the old Youtube. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Google that they constantly have to pry into other people’s lives?
    I have about 21 videos, about 350 friends and 310 subscribers, a decent amount. But now I’m unable to access my inbox, videos, favorites (2,190 of them), ANYTHING without the constant: Link to google account or make google account. Hell, I can’t even browse.
    I hated the partnership to begin with, but dealt with the constant changes. Now, it’s just too far.
    Tsk tsk tsk.

  13. smallman

    hello there!

    as google works with NSA, they want to collect as much as they can informations about you and your activities,
    briefly, google spies on you.
    for many reasons.

    sorry my english not good , but I hope you get it.

  14. Angry youtube user

    Err, that totally SUCKS.
    Youtube/Google, this is…Annoying.
    As i tried to create a google account,thinking it could be made in like 2 mins, it asks for my phone number –”
    I think youtube will lose most of its users then.

  15. tdtmok

    I don’t want all my stuff to be linked to google. Google has just been found to have spied on everyones’ wifi since 2007 with their gooogle streets mobile. Google is evil. Youtube is far better when people can be honest on it. The way it is now they constantly pull down peoples videos because someone was offended by it, especially when it involves their own negligence, such as doctors.

  16. I have been trying to create a youtube account for days now but I can’t because when I try to make a new google account, IT WONT SEND THE VERIFICATION CODE TO MY PHONE.

    Its so annoying.

  17. I don’t like having my accounts together. I like to always be signed into youtube, but not my email. If I log out of one I log out of the other, and that’s just stupid.

    Also, I don’t like two major websites coming together lie this, it sees too monopolistic.

  18. Clay Rains


  19. Upset

    YouTube/Google wedding SUCKS!

    I don’t want ANYBODY knowing who the fuck I am. If I want a product, I will choose the right channels to buy it.

    Youtube, get the message: the INTERNET is for virtual people. Period.

  20. Not impressed

    [That last paragraph I meant to write “since Google now forces you to log in to YouTube through Google WITH GOOGLE COOKIES ENABLED …”]

  21. Not impressed

    Reading the blog, she makes it sound like it’s a good thing that Google is tracking your every move and doing its best to form at least an outline of who you are — if not knowing outright. Hey, while they’re at it, maybe they can “link up” with a 24-hour tracking camera that follows me around the city and watches me sleep at night? Maybe then they can “better tailor” my Internet experience!

    Yep, that’s just Google “giving back to the community.” Like the trial membership that requires your credit card info and requires you to wait on hold for two hours to cancel; or, like some “pyramid-scheme-of-the-month” club that has its half-brainwashed members haul a friend or family member to a “free meeting” — just “giving back,” how generous, think I’ll pass, I’m good.

    I had disabled Google cookies awhile ago on my browser, if I need Google mail or something I use my alternate browser; but I still used to stay logged in to YouTube and used to interact quite frequently with it.

    However, since Google now forces you to log in to YouTube WITH COOKIES ENABLED (ensures they can give you the “best, most enriching experience,” don’t you know), I no longer log in to my YouTube account either. My once-active YouTube account is now stagnating and long since grown cold.

  22. Great move for Google, they will gain more membership as people rush to retrieve a YouTube account. For YouTube on the other hand, I feel they will gain valuable information but membership might not excel as rapidly.

  23. This has more to do with their Google Profiles service than anything.

    If they know what you say and do on YouTube, it can become part of a “user stream”, just like when you star/share something in Google Reader.

    It may also be a move to force people to be more accountable on YouTube – aka not be so racist, dumb, illiterate, spammy, etc. because their accounts are no longer just anon facades for them to hide behind.


  24. Ugh. Google’s account services, particularly regarding their adsense service is absolutely atrocious. I’m not looking forward to attempting to get any kind of issue resolution out of youtube in the future.