High School Performs Dr. Horrible Live on Stage Tonight


Right about now, someone’s handing someone else the keys to a shiny new Australia. Tonight is the opening performance of the first authorized high school production of Joss Whedon’s web spectacular Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.


Dayton, Ohio-based Miami Valley School students came up with the idea themselves and adapted the web musical’s script, according to a report in the local newspaper. Whoever’s manning the Dr. Horrible Twitter account is apparently flying in to see a live show tomorrow night.

The high school students most likely didn’t pay for the rights (though we have emails in to ask about that), but they just may have kick-started something bigger. This just screams awesome alternate revenue stream. After all, do we really want to see another amateur interpretation of Annie?

Check out the poster above. I particularly love the young Captain Hammer, who looks just like I imagine Nathan Fillion did before all the protein shakes and personal trainers.


Tony Potter

Hi Liz, Thanks for asking.
Here’s the pic from Twitpic of my cast with THE cast. NPH was in New York and sent his regrets that he couldn’t be there.

Liz Gannes

@Felicia — Aw, I hear Ohio’s really great this time of year! You guys should list productions on the Dr. Horrible site — I bet local fans would love to come out.

Chris Young

My son is in the play as Moist and was the one who suggested they do the show. I have it from the music director that they got permission from Joss Whedon’s people to do a non-profit version of the show.


But, unlike the one in Vancouver, this one was given props by whoever is running the Dr. Horrible Twitter account.

The One True b!X

This is not the first authorized, seeing as how I went to one outside of Vancouver WA a few weeks ago that had definitely not been done underground.


Are you just assuming that it’s The Miami Valley School that he is flying out to see? Do you know of any other local productions of it that Joss Whedon may have been referring to?


My girlfriend made the poster above and works as crew on the play – I’m really excited for her and everyone else involved that Joss Whedon is actually flying down to see it live. Congratulations and good luck to everyone involved!

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