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60Frames Suspends Operations

New media studio 60Frames has suspended operations because of a lack of funding. The Hollywood Reporter broke the story, and we have confirmed.

Launched in July of 2007, 60Frames was incubated by Hollywood talent agency UTA and web ad firm Spot Runner (which is having its own troubles) and raised $3.5 million in funding. The company promised to provide “professional content creators access to financing, speed to market, greater ownership over their intellectual property, and participation in all revenue streams including advertising.”

60Frames had released 30 online series so far, including some featuring recognizable talent. Carpet Bros., featuring David Spade, was sold as a pilot to HBO, and Blood Cell, featuring Jessica Rose, was picked up by The company had a deal with NBC to get network pickup of shows that had a paying sponsor, but nothing came of that.

Troubles for 60Frames began in earnest in October of last year, when the company laid off 6 of its 14 employees. In February we reported that 60Frames was actively seeking a buyer. The Reporter writes that 60Frames execs are still looking at ways to bring the company back, but given its lackluster track record, that’s unlikely.

60Frames is just the latest casualty of the great web video shakeout of ’09. Already this year ManiaTV shut down, HBO Labs was sold off to Break, and Disney’s Stage 9 laid off most of its staff.

10 Responses to “60Frames Suspends Operations”

  1. I’m not the least bit surprised by this one. 60 Frames green lit some of the dumbest content out there, and relied heavily in it’s latter days on BCD-List Celebrity content that no one cares about. Online viewers don’t like burnt out tv/film celebrities online like Jerry O’Connell, David Hasselhoff and Illeana Douglas. Web viewers want to see innovative content, written for the web, not rejected tv pilots split into episodes. 60 Frames never knew what they were doing, and they imploded from within because their leadership wasn’t in touch with New Media creators, he was instead focused on bringing old media to new media. 60 Frames deserves to be a victim of the old media not understanding web creators, and more old media led new media companies will follow.

  2. there is no wonder why Fred Wilson can’t get the right numbers for his venture capital math problem on his blog. the vc industry keeps investing in companies with dreams and no clear path to exit. if i had even a quarter of that funding i’d show the world capital efficiency and profitability on the turn of a year. keep wasting the dollars, a business shut down shows no innovation.

    • jason nadaf
  3. Another example of how both VCs and media companies are poorly playing the online video content card.

    The VCs look for something “competitive” to give them an edge, when that something means little in the market.

    The media backers look for hits, which mean little by way of monetization.