Boost Mobile To Open 50 Retail Outlets To Maintain Growth


imageBoost Mobile, Sprint


alma d. arroyo

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Michael is absolutely right. Their will not be any price wars. The improvement in distribution for Boost will hurt companies like Virgin Mobile, that has no dedicated exclusive locations and weak third party distribution. We will see if Virgin Mobile can improve their indirect channel which needs a management makeover if the company is to survive.


If Leap or MetroPCS lower their rates all they will do is harm themselves. It would force Boost to do the same, hence starting a prince war neither company can afford, hence I don't see this happening. With the current status quo the market appears to be large enough for the time being for these wireless carriers to pursue their current strategies. In the near term I don't see a major effort coming from them out of fear that they might cannabalize their high margin Post Paid clientele. So it would be fair to say that the status quo for the remaining year will continue. Expect Boost to continue to garner Pre Paid customer since they unequivocally have the better infrastructure and scope at better prices.

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