T-Mobile G1 Owners To Get Cupcake Next Week

cupcake_snack_106474We’ve just gotten word from T-Mobile that Android 1.5, otherwise known as Cupcake, will start rolling out over-the-air in the U.S. next week. From the company:

Mobile USA is excited to offer its T-Mobile G1 customers new software updates, including Android 1.5.  Starting at the end of next week, T-Mobile USA will begin rolling out Android 1.5 to T-Mobile G1 customers.  The over-the-air update, which all G1 customers should receive by the end of May, will provide customers with many new feature enhancements and updates, such as:

· An on screen full QWERTY keyboard.

· Video record and playback capabilities.

· Easy uploading of photos to Picasa and videos to YouTube.

Additional details on Android 1.5 can be found at the T-Mobile G1 forum or via the Android site.

I’ll be looking for my Cupcake, that’s for sure.


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