Streamline Site Search in Firefox

One of the great things about Firefox is the huge number of useful add-ons available to customize and streamline your browsing experience. One such extension is the brand-new Search Site extension, which lets you easily search the site you’re on for a word or phrase.

The normal method to search a site is to use the “site:”  parameter in a search engine query. Searching for “Twitter” in Google will return all of the pages on WebWorkerDaily that discuss Twitter, for example. I use this type of search all the time, but it does require a little typing.

Search Site gives you a couple of ways to simplify the process. Firstly, it adds a green magnifying glass button to your regular Firefox search bar, which searched the site you’re currently on when you click it.

Seach Site button added to Firefox search bar

Search Site button added to Firefox search bar

Search Site also adds a “Search Site for selection” option to your context menu. You can highlight a word on a page, right-click and search the site you’re currently on.

Search Site context menu option

Search Site context menu option

Both options return results from whichever search engine is currently selected in your search bar.

Although Search Site is an experimental add-on (meaning it hasn’t been tested by Mozilla yet), it’s working well on my machine and is compatible with Firefox 3 and Firefox 3.5 beta 4.

What Firefox extensions do you use to streamline your browsing experience?

(via Ghacks)

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