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Stickam Relaunches StreamAPI for DIY Live-Streaming

Stickam has taken the wraps off its new and improved white-label StreamAPI service, which the company says enables just about anyone to add customized, live video streaming to their sites without any Flash ActionScript knowledge.


Beta of the API service was initially launched in December, but Stickam CEO Steven Fruchter told us in an interview that the product has gone through so many changes since then that this is more of a relaunch than an emergence from beta.

Indeed, during a demo with Fruchter, StreamAPI’s drag-and-drop interface looked simple to use, allowing a creator to design and set up a basic player with video and chat capabilities in seconds (though we did not actually integrate the new player into an actual site).

Stickam offers StreamAPI on a pay-as-you-go pricing plan at a flat rate of 45 cents per gigabyte (roughly 5 cents per viewer hour at 256 Kbps). Competitor Ustream offers its Watershed white-label service for $1 per hour watched, with discounts for larger number of viewer hours.

StreamAPI supports HD streaming (a feature that Fruchter said was quite popular), 16:9 widescreen, and offers a number of analytics tools to break down traffic to your live-streamed events.

When initially launched, the API program was pegged at the “common man,” allowing anyone to easily integrate live video into their site, but the service has been used by larger companies such as MTV and Los Angeles radio station KROQ are two companies that have used the service.

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