Hulu Blocks Hotspot Shield Users

Well, that was fast. Two days after reporting that folks outside of the United States were using Hotspot Shield to watch Hulu, the site now blocks Hotspot Shield users — even those within the U.S. I wasn’t the first one to mention it (not by a long shot), but if I am in fact to blame for alerting the company to the “problem,” I sincerely apologize. But you did know it was only a matter of time, right?


The good news is that Hotspot Shield isn’t the only VPN service out there, and if Hulu is simply blacklisting a series of IPs from that service, others should still work. And of course, those who still want to watch the programming on Hulu but can’t access it will probably just go somewhere else — torrent indexes and streaming sites like Megavideo, Supernovatube and, my personal favorite, Ninjavideo.

And of course none of those sites have pesky advertising. So Hulu, if you are reading, let me be the one to point out that you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face.


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