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Ford’s $550M Electric Focus Factory: Ford (s F) plans to invest $550 million retooling a truck and SUV plant in Wayne, Mich. to build subcompact cars, including an electric version of the Ford Focus developed in partnership with Magna International (s MGA). — Detroit Free Press

Carbon Cap/Tax Throwdown:Is all the ruckus over the Waxman-Markey energy and climate bill about getting the market to find solutions to climate change or getting the government to do it? — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Cal’s CITRIS: Solar Startup Haven?: The University of California at Berkeley’s new nanofabrication engineering facility, CITRIS, will give startups working on semiconductors and new materials access to customizable chipmaking equipment. — VentureBeat

Oil Prices Spike: Oil prices jumped today to a 2009 high after a government report showed that the amount of unused crude being place in storage slowed last week, although analysts say there’s little evidence energy demand is picking up. — Associated Press

Subprime Carbon: China’s booming hydropower sector faces mounting criticism for generating “subprime carbon” credits from projects that don’t need the boost to succeed, putting billions of dollars of clean energy investments at risk. — Reuters

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