Amazon Kindle DX: Sorry, No Newspaper Discount If You Can Get Home Delivery


imageApart from unveiling the new, larger screen Kindle DX, Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos announced that subscriptions for the Washington Post, NYT and its troubled NYTCo sibling The Boston Globe will offer reduced monthly Kindle subscriptions. But as Amazon’s press release points out: only in areas where home delivery doesn’t already exist. After the big build-up at the press conference, this detail is very anti-climactic.

Bezos was otherwise vague on the details and didn’t say how much the prices would be reduced or when. NYTCo (NYSE: NYT) Publisher Arthur Sulzberger (see photo at right) made an appearance to praise the Kindle. He made a point of noting that Kindle makes the NYT and The Globe available to people who can’t get home delivery — not “won’t,” perhaps suggesting that a cutback in home delivery could be just as much a part of the publishers’ future as e-books. Sulzberger did not hang around the press briefing afterward to answer questions.



I don't get the papers on time in the morning, so I get them at the office. Kindle was an opportunity for additional revenue for them.
Guess I'll continue borrowing. Guess you don't need my money.

bye bye dinosaur…


I am on the verge of cancelling my Washington post home delivery subscription. The content it seems is less and less every day, with more stories saying for additional info see the website. There has also been sporadic delivery lately and I was hoping the kindle would be an option. I guess they have priced me out of the market for it too.

Chris B.

"But as Amazon’s press release points out: only in areas where home delivery doesn’t already exist."

How disappointing. I got here by Googling "kindle discount newspaper subscription" in eager anticipation of subscribing to the Post. I've subscribed before, but they missed so many deliveries that it wasn't worth the hassle. A subsidized Kindle would be perfect for me.

It's funny–I read the Times or the Post every day, but because I prefer to do so electronically, both companies insist that I not give them any money!


Isn't this another demonstration of NYTimes not getting that for the first time in many newspapers existence — they are 1) selling subscriptions without getting the subscriber information; 2) have limited negotiating leverage with Amazon; 3) fail to partner with Amazon to link the online accounts with the Amazon subscriptions and 4) is a painful user experience if you use both the Kindle & Web?

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