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QuickBooks Online Now Available to Mac Users

icon_online_plusWe had a sneak peek of the new QuickBooks Online back in January at Macworld Expo, and now the Mac community can start using the service. Intuit (s intu) announced today that the new release of QuickBooks Online is finally compatible with the Safari browser and, thus, is available to Mac users.


QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online, which runs entirely through a web browser, is not a replacement for the full feature set of QuickBooks Pro for Windows, or even QuickBooks for Mac. Instead, QuickBooks Online is a separate product that is positioned as an alternative for those people who require maximum portability and remote access to their accounting information or for multiple users who work in physically separate locations. The main feature missing from QuickBooks Online is inventory management. Otherwise, QuickBooks Online Plus (a $34.95 per month subscription) is very close in comparison to QuickBooks Pro.

If you can get by with fewer features, there is a $9.95 per month option, as well as a free option.

In addition to the Safari browser support, QuickBooks Online has a web interface that has been optimized for the iPhone. Today’s announcement also reveals that the iPhone web app has been updated to allow for more editing on the mobile device than was previously possible. You can now edit customer, vendor and employee information as well as create and send invoices.

These changes to the app will make it accessible to Mac users, but will make it far more useful for those with iPhones, too. I would still like to see timecards in the iPhone app, as this seems like the natural place to do job timesheets for many service companies.

Safari 4? Firefox?

The current release only supports Safari 3.1. Firefox for Mac and the Safari 4 beta will not work. I did try setting the user agent to Safari 3.2.1 using the Develop menu in the Safari 4 beta, and everything seems to work, but Intuit will not support this configuration. Make sure you uninstall the Safari 4 beta, or just live with any potential quirks when setting the user-agent to a different value.

At Last! Multi-user QuickBooks Accounting on the Mac

The most significant reason to take a look at QuickBooks Online is that it finally gives Mac users true multi-user accounting from Intuit. Sure, you could use virtualization to run QuickBooks Pro for Windows or connect to a Terminal Server with Microsoft RDC, but this is a true Mac experience, even if it is online software.

For many, this will be a real boon to be able to share accounting data within a company that uses virtual office space to connect staff in different locations. The small business entrepreneur will be able to check up on things with their iPhone, or their Mac laptop at home.

Take a hard look at the feature list and see if it meets your needs. The problem for Mac users is that this is the only choice from Intuit for multi-user accounting, so we will probably approach it with a different set of needs than a Windows user who is considering it as an entry-level alternative to QuickBooks Pro. Still, $34.95 a month for multi-user accounting without the hassle of virtualization, Windows, etc., is a fair trade for many Mac users.

The Future of Mac Software?

I think it makes great sense for QuickBooks to provide multi-user accounting to the Mac platform through the online version. It has been frustrating to live without multi-user support in QuickBooks for Mac, but I imagine any problems will get fixed faster in QuickBooks Online than waiting for updates to the Mac version. If the Online product continues to grow, then I see how Intuit could eventually drop QuickBooks for Mac entirely. The differences between the Mac and Windows versions have always been frustrating, and by going online only, it would create a scenario where both Mac and Windows users are working with the same data without having to go through a conversion process. Mac users would finally be using the same version of QuickBooks as their Windows counterparts, something we were all hoping would happen on the desktop side first. But if it takes going online to do it, I think most will appreciate the benefits of leaving that Mac-Windows gap in QuickBooks in the past.

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  1. I’m a devoted Mac user and feel like I can afford buying this application for my Mac. Thank you for such proposition that I see up in here. You seem to be alike the authors on research paper service! Thank you in advance!

  2. In following my accountant’s recommendation to select Intuit to manage my business finances and then activating a QuickBooks Online Plus account, I had only ONE issue, to get a functional accounting system:
    1. Live,
    2. Secure, and
    3. At the advertised pricing terms.

    Intuit has missed on all three points. To recap some of what I have endured:
    1. Live:
    A. Merely reporting that I received a phishing email regarding my account resulting in Intuit locking me out of my account and directing me to cancel it entirely and start over from scratch.
    B. After setting up a replacement account, the user accounts became so corrupted that I was again directed to close it and start from scratch for the third time. (See secure for detail.)
    2. Secure: In starting over from scratch, a new QuickBooks Online Plus account was created where my user ID and my accountant’s user ID became identical within the same company ID despite each user having different passwords. The login credentials for my company became so intertwined with my accountant’s other business clients that I gained full access as a Company Administrator to all of his other QuickBooks Online Plus business clients. At the same time, my accountant’s access to his other QuickBooks Online Plus business clients was lost. This represents a major glitch in your security systems.
    3. At the advertised pricing terms:
    A. In emails from Intuit on September 8, 2009 and again on September 30, 2009, I was offered “20% off your subscription FOR LIFE on a Plus subscription.” This offer was later represented verbally as “for the life of the promotion” until I provided written documentation to the contrary. Intuit’s written pricing offer is now being neither reflected in my account terms, nor, being denied by Intuit staff.
    B. Despite a promised “full 30 day trial period before your subscription begins billing” and a trial create date of 09/08/2009, I received an email receipt on 10/4/09 stating: “Starting on 10/04/2009, MasterCard ends with 4218 will be charged $34.95 per month.” That is to say charges would start 4 days early and reflect full retail pricing.
    C. Despite a QuickBooks Online Basic trial create date of 09/08/2009 and an upgrade to Plus on 9/4/10, I was then incorrectly billed $9.95 on 10/8/09 and again on 11/11/09.

    Two weeks after having submitted Quickbook’s written offer of “20% off your subscription FOR LIFE on a Plus subscription” to a manager, I am told the Marketing department may need another two weeks to provide an official response on whether of not they will honor their discounted pricing offer.

  3. I am glad Quickbooks for Mac in Safari is working. One of the main reasons I used VM Fusion or Parallels is because Quickbooks didn’t work on Safari.

    Yes, I know it doesn’t work with Safari 4 or Firefox, but let’s have some patience and see where we go. I am happy I can now do everything without touching a PC.

  4. Unfortunately, that only worked for a month. Apple pushed the Safari upgrade to my computer yesterday and now I can’t access Quickbooks Online. Intuit is really missing the boat by not making their programs Mac-friendly. Since we made the conversion from PC to Mac here, Quickbooks is increasingly growing too cumbersome to mess with.

  5. Basically worthless to me since I have already upgraded to Safari 4. If they really wanted to get mac users’ business they would support safari 4 and firefox on the mac. Every other Web Application these days functions on a mac… why not the world’s leading financial software…. just sayin’….