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Uncle Sam, Hybrid Car Salesman: Soon the Obama administration and whoever is running GM and Chrysler will have to confront the challenge of how to sell the cars they want America to buy, given that demand for hybrid sales has plummeted. — Wall Street Journal

Gaga for Tata’s Nano: Tata Motors received more than 203,000 fully paid bookings, worth more than $512 million, for its new ultra-efficient Nano subcompact car in just two weeks. — NYT’s Wheels

GE Energy Gets Into Wind Forecasting: GE Energy and WSI Corp. have partnered up to develop forecasting tools for wind farm operators using real-time turbine and wind data. — Press Release

Clean Car R&D Race: Race tracks may offer the best alt-fuel vehicle R&D facility in the world, and a growing number of automakers and engineers are developing greener technology for Le Mans-style racers. — Wired’s Autopia

Climate Bill or Bust: Lawmakers who met with President Barack Obama today to discuss climate change legislation said he did not try to dissuade them from a hard push to pass the climate and energy bill by the end of this year. — The Hill

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