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Microsoft Laying Off Five Percent Of UK Staff In Global Cutbacks

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) on Tuesday began making “about five percent” of its UK workforce redundant, after earlier axing staff January. It’s begun a consultation with what would be about 144 of its 2,880 employees here.

A spokesperson told paidContent:UK this is a “second wave” of redundancies as part of January’s main announcement that 5,000 jobs would go across the company globally. The spokesperson said the first wave affected 58 people or two percent of UK staff, and he said further cutbacks couldn’t be ruled out. We don’t yet know from where the cuts are being made.

Microsoft’s statement says it’s “part of the plan … to reduce costs and increase efficiencies: “We are working closely with affected employees to help them through this difficult transition. While job reductions are always difficult, we need to rebalance resources against our priorities in the current climate and we will continue to evaluate our business to ensure that our investments are aligned to current and future revenue opportunities. We believe in the strength of the company, our ability to continue delivering value to customers and our approach to long-term growth.

2 Responses to “Microsoft Laying Off Five Percent Of UK Staff In Global Cutbacks”

  1. Former MSFT Employee

    I was one of those 5 % and thoguh it stung at the time it has probbaly done me more good than harm in teh long run as I was stagnating there.

    The worst bit of the process was the hypocritical way in which Steve Ballmer addressed the London staff in public at the very start of that year basically stating that Microsoft had enough money in the bank to weather the storm and continue to pay the wages and that NOBODY was at risk of redundancy. However only a few weeks later some very tallented people were culled in a political and not fair manner where tellent that had an opinion was axed and worthless yes men and ‘famuly friends’ were kept on.

    Still, One year down the road i’m glad it hapenned as I’m in a much more challenging role on a better salary and with better prospects now so in a strange twist… thank you Steve for the kick up the backside I needed.

  2. That's a lot of people to be updating their LinkedIn profiles all at once.

    It's probably a hefty amount of talent too. They could launch a killer company. The one regret I have from when I was made redundant (in 2002) was not keeping in contact with everyone.