The Video Evidence: Why YouTube Is Concerned About Product Placement

imageOn Monday, we reported that YouTube was notifying some of its more popular content partners that it planned to start enforcing its policy of not allowing product integration into partner videos unless YouTube got a cut of the action. What is YouTube all exercised about? Some partners are placing products in their videos (and, of course, getting paid for it), while others are making the actual content the commercial. An example of each type, culled from videos from YouTube’s top-100 content partners, after the jump.

–Who: Marina Orlova, an easy-on-the-eyes philologist whose show Hot for Words explores the meaning of words.
–Comment: In this episode, “Sleep With Me,” see that bottle of Neuro Sleep right next to Marina? That’s a paying sponsor whose other products (including Neurogasm) have also appeared in Marina’s videos.

–Who: Indy Mogul, a Next New Networks show, for aspiring filmmakers.
–Comment: The video is a recreation of a scene from Sweeney Todd — and, most importantly, is paid for by Paramount (the producer of the movie).


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