20th Century Fox Sics Takedown Notices on Its Own Mashup Promotion

Regular NewTeeVee commenter Nicolas Charbonnier, who goes by the alias Charbax, has seen his YouTube account “permanently disabled,” he told us this afternoon. Why? He participated in a Burger King-sponsored mashup promotion on YouTube, where users were encouraged to use a web-based voiceover-creation tool to dub over videos from Seth MacFarlane’s Google-distributed Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy series.

Now, it seems Twentieth Century Fox, MacFarlane’s studio, and Media Rights Capital (MRC), the digital studio that coordinated Cavalcade, have placed copyright claims on the footage provided for the contest.

YouTube sent Charbonnier a notice saying his account was terminated, and there would be no option to have it reinstated. He found the dubbed-over clip he created was replaced with the message “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.” As Charbonnier describes it, the takedown notices most likely affected other users as well because the promotion automatically uploaded the cartoons to participants’ YouTube accounts. Other dubs posted on Burger King’s channel have been replaced with the message “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by MRC” (see image above).

Charbonnier is understandably upset. “I created my YouTube account in 2006, with hundreds of thousands of views on many of the videos,” he said. His story seems to check out, so we have to imagine after his complaint comes to light his account — and perhaps many others — will become reinstated.

Update 5/6: YouTube restored Charbonnier’s account. See his comment below.


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