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Tokbox Changes Its CEO, Again

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[qi:090] Tokbox, a San Francisco-based start-up that offers browser-based video chat, has lost its CEO, Nick Triantos. He has been replaced by Ian Small. We had heard about this change, and Tokbox confirmed it to me. Small’s bio hasn’t been added to Tokbox’s web site just yet. Triantos had replaced co-founder Serge Fauget in somewhat mysterious circumstances in March 2008. Tokbox has raised $14 million in two rounds of venture financing from Sequoia Capital and Bain Capital.

The company launched in October 2007 by spamming me and others who were invited to test out Tokbox. The company’s video chat service has struggled to find the super-growth that a consumer-oriented company such as Tokbox needs. Tokbox says it has a “user base of over 1 million people who are making over 1.5 million video calls everyday.” According to web-traffic measurement service Quantcast, Tokbox is  getting about 62,000 visitors a month, roughly in line with the user metrics reported by I have always been a little skeptical of Tokbox, and frankly, I haven’t seen anything that has made me change my mind.

10 Responses to “Tokbox Changes Its CEO, Again”

  1. Arbiter

    @jtame, well the problem is not their persistance, it’s that the monetization of this is going to be impossible. It’s a great service, but from a monetization perspective, I don’t really see how you’d monetize it to the point where VC’s can get a 5-10x exit out of this.

    Plenty of entrepreneurs are “persistant”, but that’s never stopped a ton of them from failing – especially when monetization is very questionable from the start.

    I think this is headed to the deadpool.

  2. John Walker

    Bio for Ian Small is up on TokBox. I had the pleasure of working with Ian and his company as a customer of MarkLogic. A very impressive guy with an great depth of business and enginnering knowledge and magnetic personality.

    TokBox is lucky to get this guy.

  3. @Jenkins Says some guy on the Internet. TokBox will pull through, they’re persistent, they’re focused, and if it’s a new CEO they need that will make it work out, then the change has been made and it’s time to rock out. Goodluck TokBox, 2009 is the year to do it big.

  4. Jenkins

    this company cannot and will not survive yet another CEO change. add them to the deadpool because this company will very likely go out of business.

  5. vivek

    I happened to connect with Nick and his team late last year. While I believe in Tokbox’s service concept and value proposition, I found their approach to scaling penetration & adoption of their service to be lacking, at that time.

    As I see it, a capability like TokBox needs to target enhancing diverse interactive experiences across the internet, instead of just being focused on replacing what is offered by current chat platforms like iChat & Skype.

    Regardless, I wish them luck & success.


  6. nice fake first couple comments. only adds to the ‘sentiment’ Om conveys in the article. w/ $14 mill they should be miles from where they are which is likely the reason for the CEO changes.

    good luck though. my limited exposure to tokbox was pretty positive.


  7. Bartosz Solowiej

    This is a very positive step toward expanding the creative vision of a company that has a tremendous amount of growth potential. With heartfelt appreciation for their original, intended vision, Ron and the team have what it takes to survive and create new universes of communication.