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This Fossil Messenger Bag Perfect for Netbooks

fossil-nevada-bagThe search for the perfect gear bag is almost obsessive in nature, and not just for me. You do it, too — you know you do. The objective is to find a bag that doesn’t look too bad and is no bigger than necessary to carry the exact gear you take with you. Today I found a great bag for netbooks and smaller gear, and I just had to pick it up.

The Fossil Nevada is a small messenger bag that will just fit a netbook and the accompanying gear. It’s not big enough to carry lots of accessories, but if you’re carrying that much stuff, then get a big bag anyway. The magnetic flaps (under the fake buckles) close easily, and there are just enough pockets to keep stuff from rattling around. I got the one in olive canvas and brown leather, which is the only color.  The most compelling feature of this Fossil bag is that it doesn’t look too much like a man purse. No it doesn’t. $68.

13 Responses to “This Fossil Messenger Bag Perfect for Netbooks”

  1. cary phillips

    I got my bag from REI. Its the REI Boarding Bag ($39.50). It holds by HP mini with power cord and/or extra battery in the back pocket. The middle pocket has interior pockets for pens/change/etc. The front pocket holds receipts/notes/etc. There is also an open pocket on the back for papers, a small pocket on the front and a water bottle pocket on the side.

  2. Alan J

    I bought a brand-new bag for my ASUS eee 904HA from Value Village for $7! I have no idea what it was originally intended for, but it is perfect.

  3. I would pick the Solo mini messenger bag – it’s small, has room for “junk” and fits anything from a netbook to a Sony TT.

    That being said, James, can you recommend a good bag for a 13 inch? I’m looking for something more than that incase sleeve, but don’t want to move up to a 14/15 inch case.

  4. My ‘gadget bag’ (or murse, as my friends like to call it) is a $20 Mossimo bag from Target that looks rather similar to this. It doesn’t quite fit my Dell XPS M1330, but it fits the Dell Mini 9 perfectly, with a TON of pockets for various cell phones, adapters, etc.

    This is one of the things I love about netbooks – the ability to carry a full computer in my gadget bag, rather than needing to tote around a full-on laptop bag. Excellent find, James.

  5. My Eee 701 sits nestled (like it was made for it)in a $15 Travel all Shoulder Bag from Mountain Equipment Co-op ( with room and pockets enough for all the bits and pieces. Would work for the 900 series too, obviously. Definitely not a Man Purse, either.

    If I ever ‘upgrade’ to one of the larger netbooks, it’ll be back to MEC…

  6. Have you considerd any of the bags from Tom Bihn? They are well made, and they come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. I have several and use them to carry all kinds of gear when on the go.


  7. Aaron

    I’ve been happy with my STM Medium Alley Shoulder Bag. Fits the MSI Wind, AC adapter, a couple of necessary cables, and other accessories while maintaining a slim (vertical) profile. No leather trim, but only $39.99 or thereabouts.