Image Editing on Netbooks- Yes You Can

magixextremephotopackNetbooks are little notebooks with slightly underpowered components that scare those who need to do some heavy lifting. They are often touted for their web surfing capability and not much else, but with the right tools you can turn even lower-powered notebooks into good tools.

One of the heavier tasks that most wouldn’t think about trying on a netbook is image editing. I have heard multiple times that you wouldn’t run Photoshop on a netbook, and while that is probably correct, there is an alternative that is reported to work just fine on them. The folks at How To Be Mobile have shared a program that they successfully use on an HP Mini 2133 that others might want to give a try.

The Mini 2133 is even more anemic than most netbooks with the Via processor inside, yet the author states that MAGIX Xtreme Photo and Graphic Design 2 runs well on the Mini and provides full image handling features. They have a review of the program running on this netbook, so take a look and see if it might fit your needs.