gwabbit Brings Its Contact Capture to the BlackBerry


gwabbit logoHaving complete and accurate contact information for the folks you communicate with is an important, but often neglected, practice. Oftentimes, the details we need are included in our email communication, but the process of capturing that information is difficult or time-consuming.

Automatic text parsing of emails to make this process easier is becoming more common, though. On the desktop side of things we have the gwabbit for Outlook application we looked at back in March, which got mixed reviews from us. In my testing I thought it worked well, while Simon preferred Anagram, which offers similar functionality.

Not being a regular Outlook (s msft) user, though, gwabbit offered little long-term value for me, and I imagine quite a few of us use web-based tools for our CRM needs.

The folks behind gwabbit are hoping to ease our pain by bringing their offering to the mobile platform, beginning with gwabbit for Blackberry, which they announced today at WES 2009.

gwabbit for BlackBerry (s rimm) brings the same single-click identifying process to your mobile where you can then use the inherent sync capabilities of the device to get this information into your contact manager of choice.

The application will be available from Blackberry App World on May 25 and will cost $9.95 annually.

How do you capture you contact info?


Donato Diorio

The real “Contact Capture” application has been around for 5+ years, does what gwabbit does (capture single contact signature). It also captures lists of contacts as well.

While the superior parsing of information goes to Contact Capture, hats off to Gwabbit for excellent marketing copy and PR. For the basic version (that does what Gwabbit does), Contact Capture is free. Broadlook uses it as a loss leader.

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