Coffee Break- Keeping it Manly


I decided to make an unexpected stop at the local Panera Bread for some quality java and a comfy workspace. I had the brand-spanking new Fossil bag, along with the Viliv S5, keyboard and mouse nestled snugly inside.  Life is good (so’s the coffee).

Isn't that bag manly?

Isn't that bag manly?

When I was packing up to leave Panera the guy who was sitting at the table behind me to the left came over. He said he’d watched me unpack when I arrived and thought my setup was as goofy as could be given the little tiny computer and the folding keyboard. He wanted to tell me that he no longer thought that after watching me work for an hour. He could see everything I did and realized quickly that I was doing a lot of work while he watched. He said this setup was the most impressive thing he’d seen for a long time.



More Viliv, more Viliv info!!! Sorry, I’m pretty psyched about this gadget. Now the question is, should I go for it now at a loft price or wait for a 20% drop probably within the first year. Hmmm.

Gavin Miller

It’s here, it’s here!!!! And it’s teeny!

I don’t think I’ve been so excited over a gadget in a long time! Oh….it’s been updating the past hour….

borax99 (Alain C.)

I can’t see the Viliv as someone’s only computer, but it looks like a very talented pinch-hitter. I agree with the earlier poster – there’s something a bit creepy about coffee shop snooping, but that is *always* to be expected when you use something different…


Well I wasn’t really implying that James should carry a full blown laptop. Something in the order of magnitude of a modern Shift, or an Everun Note or even a Vaio P. None of these designs are any less portable IMO but they are way more comfortable to work with due to display size. I mean, would you really carry this MID and the separate keyboard in you jean pockets? Besides earning you an undeserved date with a hottie at your local Starbucks :), having such things in your pockets must be really uncomfortable. What you will end up doing eventually is use the fancy back bag of yours, in which case why not getting a more productive machine?

P.S. No trolling intended, just some thoughts about what is the best ultra-portable setup for each one of us…

Gavin Miller

Lol @ John. Is that A Viliv in your pocket or are you …. etc.

Interesting conversation as it goes through my head all the time when I head out. Why not just take my Macbook Pro? It’s all about your personal situation I guess. I’m changing jobs soon and will likely get a locked down laptop.

This is where the Viliv will come into its own. I can carry it as well if I fancy a bit of blogging when I’m out and can load it up with all my own software that I probably can’t put on the Macbook.

As a recent convert to Apple I still have loads of great Windows software, usually with two licenses from when my laptops were Windows, stuff like snagit, MS Office etc.

I’m also going to be using it for Sat Nav and so it will always be in my car, ready to grab should I need it. My trusty HTC Advantage is finally being sold after being a great gadget, and I’ll be using the data sim I currently have in that with a USB Dongle for the Viliv, and currently looking for a wee keyboard for it.

Jeez, I’m rambling, bottom line is I don’t think I’ll regularly be in the situation of working on the Viliv but can certainly see myself out and about visiting places with a ‘Murse’ containing Viliv and a Camera. After a full day, size really DOES matter and the weight benefit of the Viliv will be noticeable, that’s for sure.

Jack wilson

He was most likely just being friendly.

I often find interaction with strangers a source of amusement as it’s often awkward and ridiculous.

(Also, flying the this sort of serious geek flag elicits public consternation :) )



When a netbook finally made its first appearance at my Starbucks, I had to check out its usability factor, just to see if the money was worth spending.


That man who was staring at you for an hour needs to mind his own business honestly. I hate strangers who have to leave a little comment as if they always know best. Something happens on a bus, the person has to leave a comment as if he knows better. Why does he care so much about whether your little computer and folding keyboard is productive or not? Is he going to work on it? Does he own a viliv? I think him watching you unpack, snickering at your setup, then being amazed after peeping at your screen to see what you were doing is goofy.

That was my rant. Sorry James.

cary phillips

John, if you look at JK’s post from earlier he said that if he was going out specifically to work that he takes a laptop with him. This setup is for the other times when he is out and finds some extra time in his schedule.

But to your point, I had a similar setup and ended up with an HP mini because as a web developer/designer it fit my needs better and fits in a bag of about the same size.


Can’t wait until I can do that with my iPhone. Hopefully 3.0 will allow me connect a keyboard. I would love to use the Apple wireless keyboard.


@m smith — yes, but if you carry around a man bag anyway, you might as well fill it with a manly machine :)

m smith

Yes, John, that is true. But that is not the point. The advantage of that setup is what you have to carry, not just what happens at the coffee shop. You can put that whole rig in a large pocket. A full sized laptop would weigh an awful lot more than that combination and could not be carried in a pocket.


Allow me to tell you what I find wrong with this picture. The space on the coffee table that is being occupied by your computer is determined by your keyboard, not your screen. Here I see a huge keyboard with a tiny screen. To my book this is not the best setup. You could have a screen as big as your keyboard and still get the same footprint. I do not doubt that you managed to be productive for one hour but you could be much more so with a normal clamshell design that would provide a screen as big as your keyboard. My $0.02 of course :)

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