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Microsoft Advertising Will Offer Customers Access To Celeb Pitchpeople

imageMicrosoft’s online advertising arm is throwing its weight behind Brand Affinity Technologies, which is trying to bring celebrity product pitches to the web. Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) said Monday that it wants to make it easier for advertisers on its properties to tap any of the 2,000 celebrities and athletes in Brand Affinity’s roster for online ad campaigns. Brand Affinity lets advertisers pay to use a celebrity’s image on a CPM basis, so even small-scale advertisers can put a celebrity in their ads.

Details of how Microsoft’s relationship with Brand Affinity will work are vague in the release, but this is likely a win-win for both companies. Looking to boost its online advertising efforts, Microsoft gets to give its advertisers an additional reason to come on board. Microsoft says it will be Brand Affinity’s “exclusive online portal partner.” Meanwhile, Brand Affinity gets a major distribution partner.