Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Laptop

[qi:_webworkerdaily] Replacing an old laptop is very expensive, and in the current economic climate, many folks are looking save money wherever possible. With some cheap, easy-to-install laptop upgrades, it’s possible to breathe life into an old machine and keep it humming along for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

One of the most cost-effective upgrades available is more memory. RAM is cheap and maxing out the memory on a machine (at a cost of maybe $50) will give it a terrific performance boost. Other upgrades that don’t cost much but will have a marked effect on the usefulness of the machine are a bigger hard drive (either on-board or external), higher-capacity battery and the addition of Bluetooth. Revamping an old machine might not be as exciting as buying a new one, but saving hundreds of dollars feels pretty good, too.

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