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Vid-Biz: YouTube Baby, Ninja, Disney

Man Delivers Baby with Help from YouTube; after watching some instructional videos he was able to handle the birthing while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. (BBC)

Ask a Ninja Gets an iPhone Game; game is from Axo Studios and 10 percent of the proceeds will go to the Deep Search Foundation, which helps save the oceans. (VentureBeat)

Q&A with Disney’s Anne Sweeney About Hulu Deal; the co-chair of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney/ABC Television Group says networks are “content engines” and the company is open to the adoption of authentication systems. (paidContent)

Tips for Using Your Computer Monitor as TV; make sure you get one with at least 24 inches of screen size. (Gadgetwise)

UKers Top Web Vid Views in April; British invasion driven by Susan Boyle’s powerhouse performance on YouTube. (Contentinople)

Denis Leary: Alien; Hulu rolls out another commercial, this time featuring the acerbic comedian (and he’s on a mission). (Hulu)

Nielsen: 3.1 Percent of Homes Unready for DTV; with seven weeks until the national switch (for realsies this time), 3.5 million homes completely unready for the transition. (Nielsen)