Rumor Has It: iMovie App Included In Apple’s New iPhone

iMovieAs is normal in the days, weeks, and months leading up to an event like the WWDC, the rumor mill has started working some serious overtime. Which is both a blessing and a curse to those of us in the business of blogging about Apple, and also to those of us who just keenly follow the company’s actions. There’s so much speculation being thrown around, it’s hard to tell what to believe. A new rumor about the upcoming iPhone strikes me as likely, though, and maybe you’ll agree.

The rumor, from a source talking to BusinessWeek, suggests that not only will the new iPhone hardware boast video recording capabilities, but that it will actually be a veritable mobile video editing platform, too, complete with built-in software. The software in question will reportedly be a native iPhone iMovie app, which will offer users a number of editing features, and possibly the ability to share your creations via MMS.

This makes sense for a company that pioneered the first truly, fully Internet-capable phone. If you want to capitalize on and build that reputation, your next logical step is to move into video creation, editing, and sharing, as it becomes more popular online via sites like YouTube, Vimeo and They’ve already shown that they’re aware of, and interested in investing in, the trend with iMovie ’09, which has built-in video-sharing services.

And if you consider how many additional developers and types of applications video recording and editing capabilities would bring to the App Store, then saying no to video just doesn’t make sense from a business perspective. Plus, talk about a reason to buy a new device. Even if I have to sell my soul (i.e. sign up for yet another three-year contract), I’m upgrading if the next iPhone does have video editing support.


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