iPhone Wins Out in J.D. Power Satisfaction Survey

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They’re probably still on a high from the sale of their billionth app, but Apple (s aapl) now has more cause to celebrate thanks to consumer research firm J.D. Power and Associates.

A recent survey by the firm found that the iPhone ranked highest in customer satisfaction among cellphone owners so far in 2009. It topped the whole survey, beating out all others in both the smartphone and regular ol’ dumphone category, too. Nothing to sneeze at for a phone that once incurred such vocal complaints. Maybe the soothing balm of the upcoming OS 3.0 features has mitigated some of the iPhone’s early perceived failings.

The iPhone’s total score was 791 out of a possible 1,000. Next closest were LG (s lg) and Samsung smartphones, which scored 772 and 759, respectively. Compare that to the smartphone category average of 751, and it looks like the iPhone has a handy lead. Users surveyed attribute their satisfaction with the phone to ease of use and OS and hardware features and quality. Of the smartphones rated, those that ran Windows Mobile were, unsurprisingly, ranked on average lower than others. Even BlackBerry (s rimm) didn’t do very well, earning a 739. Traditional phones ranked much lower, with an average of 707 points.

This survey is very good news for Apple going into June’s WWDC. If even half the rumors are true, the phone they plan on releasing at the annual conference will beat the iPhone’s current feature set considerably. Of course, the Pre will also likely be released around the same time, so that’s a whole new variable with which to contend. All I know is that my own satisfaction has risen quite a bit since installing the OS 3.0 beta, so I don’t see Apple running into the same kind of software trouble they had with the launch of 2.0, which should keep ratings high.

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