Daily Sprout

China Mulls Carbon Tax: Government researchers in China are expected to issue preliminary proposals for a carbon tax within a month. Yes, carbon tax. In china. — Reuters

Gov. Palin Rejects Stimulus Bucks for Energy: — Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has rejected stimulus funds for the state energy office out of concern that it would obligate Alaska to enact more stringent energy efficiency requirements for buildings. NYT’s Green Inc.

So That’s How He Does It: Better Place founder Shai Agassi “is the best salesman in the technology industry after Steve Jobs of Apple. Like the charismatic Mr. Jobs, he seems to possess a ‘reality-distortion field’ that enables him to convince listeners to believe whatever he says.” — The Economist

OriginOil’s Algae Scheme: Los Angeles-based OriginOil says it has developed a simpler, cheaper and more efficient way to extract oil from algae combining ultrasound and an electromagnetic pulse. — Technology Review

Shifting Energy Fortunes: Clipper Windpower chairman James Dehlsen’s effort to build a turbine company reflects the ups and downs of oil, the economy and enthusiasm for alternative energy. — Wall Street Journal