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Another New Apple Hire, This Time It’s All Fun and Games


The news only just broke that Apple (s appl) had hired at least two top chip executives, but it looks like that wasn’t the only skill set they were after. Another recent hire is raising eyebrows, because it seems to indicate that Apple is taking very seriously a group it appears to have largely ignored in the past. That group is gamers, who will hopefully be more of a focus for Apple now that former Xbox strategy guru Richard Teversham has joined the team.

Teversham has worked at Microsoft (s msft) since 2005, and as such is the perfect person to consult if you want to learn how to successfully market your product as a gaming platform. The Xbox 360 continues to be one of the most popular game consoles, largely outpacing its Sony (s sne) competitor, the PlayStation 3.

The job he’s apparently signed up for with Apple is in an education-related capacity at their European office. Maybe Apple’s planning on adding more educational gaming to their line-up? Hopefully the unusual department switch is just Apple learning from their non-compete trials and tribulations with Mark Papermaster, and involves them landing Teversham somewhere safe before they move him into a gaming-related capacity.

As I mentioned before, this is only the latest in a string of hires, which seems to indicate that Apple is either in a growth phase or is shaking things up in a big way. In either case, executive-level hires generally indicates a change in the way a company does business, so expect to see some very buzz-worthy developments coming out of Cupertino in the near future.

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