What the Smart Grid Can Learn From the Internet

[qi:_earth2tech] The success of the future smart grid depends on using the wealth of knowledge created from building out the Internet. Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe thinks we should study its lessons and apply them carefully, as does Capgemini’s Balaji Natarajan, who’s penned this handy list in A Dozen Things the Smart Grid Can Learn from the Internet.

Among the lessons Natarajan thinks we need to take to heart are making sure the power grid, like the Internet, is similarly based upon a scalable, service-driven model; that open APIs should be regularly published; and that the smart grid needs to find a consumer-focused killer app in order to clearly show its value proposition. Are we overshooting the case? The argument has been made before, with critics saying that the power industry is a whole different beast than moving information, with different regulation, applications and demands. But any similarities will make it easier for IT entrepreneurs to develop new innovations. What do you think?


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