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TAB Welcomes: David Klein

Hello fellow Apple lovers. I have recently joined TheAppleBlog as a contributor. Allow me to give you all a little background as to who David Klein really is…

My first computer was a Macintosh LC, and I have since been a Mac enthusiast. My latest purchase was a Dell Mini 9 on which I installed OS X (very cool). In high school I worked at an Apple retail chain in Northern California called Computerware. After my first year at Cornell University, I had an internship in Apple’s hardware engineering department in Cupertino’s HQ. Yes, I sat near Sir Stevie several times in the cafeteria. Yes, he is extremely intimidating.

I worked in Cornell’s IT department supporting Mac users over the phone (I don’t recommend ever working tech support over the phone). I was the president of the Cornell University Mac User Group for a couple semesters. Now, I use Macs exclusively as a user interface designer at a startup in Palo Alto, CA. When I needed a few extra dollars to pay for student loans I worked at Palo Alto’s Apple Store nights and weekends. At that store you never know when Sir Stevie will walk in and sniff around to make sure everything is running to his standards.

I was a reviews editor at for some time, but now I write all about Apple here. My goal is to make you all think about and use Apple’s products and those of its competitors in new ways. Whether or not you agree or disagree with my thoughts or how-to instructions, you should leave comments. I’ll do my best to respond to everyone.

You can get a feed of my articles here:

Also, you can find me on Twitter and Flickr.

Below is a picture of me riding the cable car in San Francisco.


4 Responses to “TAB Welcomes: David Klein”

  1. Congrats, David! I enjoyed the backstory on your lifetime Apple love affair. Now, just keep your reporting on Steve (er…”Stevie”?) away for the yogurt stores, and you’re off to a great start.

  2. dutchdisease

    Good job David. I’m a new reader and it’s cool to see you write about something you love. If I remember correctly you were DEFINITELY a mac enthusiast as far back as middle school (which is a long time in my opinion). Good luck and congrats on this new adventure and to all the good fortune it will be bring you.

    Stan (aka dutchdisease)