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Simplify Music 2.0 Does What iTunes and iPhone Should Do Natively

simpiconAround when I first got my iPhone, I used to use Simplify Media to really wow anyone who cared to listen to me gloat about my new toy. The app, if you’ve never heard of it, allows you to stream your home iTunes library from any computer with the desktop client installed directly to your iPhone. You can browse your library and change tracks, all remotely. Very handy if you have a 40GB library, but only 8 to 16GB of storage on your iPhone.

I stopped using it shortly after, because I missed a lot of the features from the iPhone’s built-in iPod app, especially playlists. Simplify Music 2.0 is a completely different app, and while the new features probably could’ve been introduced via an update to Simplify Media (which many downloaded as a free release when it originally came out), they are significant enough to justify the $3 (on sale, $6 starting May 14) purchase price.

What specifically makes it worth $3? Playlist creation and modification, for one. And you’re not limited to your own library for tracks to add to that, either, so long as your friends also have the Simplify desktop server app running, and have given you share permissions. You’ll be able to browse any library you have access to, search them all by artist, track title, album, etc., and tag any song on any library as a favorite. Taking a cue from a new iPhone OS 3.0 feature, there’s also a scrub bar built in to the app that allows you to search through tracks.

If you’re not interested in these features, and just want the basic streaming capabilities, the original Simplify is still available for $4. As someone who has at least a couple different libraries running on multiple computers, I’m very interested in the new features in Simplify Music 2.0. Frankly, they should’ve been (and still should be) offered by Apple (s aapl) as just something the iPhone can naturally do, but if they’d rather leave it to third-party solutions, Simplify Music will do just fine.

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