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Say Hello To HelloTxt As Status Update Service Space Heats Up

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hellotxt_logoJust as services designed to help social media enthusiasts manage multiple online profiles are becoming increasingly popular, services designed to manage posting status updates and communication to multiple online profiles are becoming plentiful as well. Recently, I covered, which has now been joined by Italy-based HelloTxt, a similar product that allows users to update a host of social networking, social media and blogging platforms, all at once.

Like, HelloTxt allows you to update a large number of online profiles and publishing platforms through a single entry field. (They claim to support 45 “social networks” as compared to 30 for Upon registering for HelloTxt, you’re given the option to add your active profiles from a wide array of services, such as Twitter, Bebo and Remember The Milk.

The number of characters in the status entry field count “up” so that you can make sure to cut status messages off at the all-important 140 mark, to keep with Twitter’s character limit. A nifty feature included in the status entry area is the ability to “post in the future,” setting the date for a status update ahead of time.

Beyond text status messages, images can be posted using your Flickr account, video via YouTube, music and audio files via, and streaming video via Seesmic.

HelloTxt is accessible through the web, and can also be updated via email, SMS, and Google Talk. An API is also offered that allows developers to install the service on other web sites or apps, a popular trend for status update and microblogging products.


It would seem that HelloTxt is an emerging player in the status update space. The company claims that it has attained 30,000 users “with no marketing to date,” with 35 percent of daily status updates coming from third-party sites, through its API.

Like any evolving web product, it has some rough edges that should be worked out over time. For example, after adding a product (such as Bebo) to your HelloTxt account, you can add that same account again later; an indication that you’ve already added it would be helpful.

It must also be noted that HelloTxt’s tagline, “we are status,” is quite catchy!

What’s your take on the growing popularity of status update services such as and HelloTxt?

10 Responses to “Say Hello To HelloTxt As Status Update Service Space Heats Up”

  1. Hi guys, thanks for the comments!

    HelloTxt has been around since 2007, but because the company is based in Italy and because is somewhat bigger and better known I framed them as an emerging player on the social status update scene.

  2. HelloTxt has been around for a long time. I may be wrong but I think it has actually been around longer than

    One big advantage it has (had?) over is that it has (had?) a stream of your friends activities/statuses.

  3. Eric, you just discovered HelloTxt? I’ve been a loyal and avid user for quite a while. Darn, wish I had thought of writing about them here!

    My take on the bulk status updates – or as I used to refer to them in presentations “social media aggregation broadcasting tools” (LOL) – is that they can be explosive apps in good and bad ways. The convenience of them can be very dangerous, creating spam to the nth degree.

    But used thoughtfully and periodically, they can be great boosters for promoting more immediate things such as a recent launch, newly published content of note, and especially live online events.

    As always, think twice before hitting send/submit/publish/broadcast. Remember that not everyone following/friending you in all the various networks are interested in the same things – or the same frequency of updates.