Right on Cue, Windows 7 RC Arrives



As expected, Microsoft (s MSFT) delivered the Release Candidate for Windows 7 to MSDN and TechNet subscribers earlier today. Also as expected, I started the download right away. ;) Microsoft is touting the following features in their newest operating system: remote media streaming, the new Windows XP Mode, Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Touch, just to name a few.

I’m thrilled to see the Windows XP Mode, although it will only appear on Windows 7 Professional and higher versions. It’s meant to break the dreaded legacy application chains that have bound the company for far too long, in my opinion. I’m also looking forward to the finalized versions of the touch features. In fact, those functions will give my fingers a workout on the old faithful Samsung Q1UP since that’s on the only touchscreen PC I have these days. I’ll also put Windows 7 RC on my MSI Wind in a dual-boot situation with Ubuntu 9.04 to check the parity levels. Go download, go!



I’ve quad-booting XP, Vista, 7 and Kubuntu with no problems.


Best news from my point of the view is the announcement that it will include Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

“Available soon, Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor will be a downloadable tool that will help people determine their ability to upgrade from their Windows XP-based or Windows Vista-based PC to Windows 7”

Roll on public release…


That is great if you can get on. Many people are getting an error page instead. I guess you are luckier than I am!!

Sorry, we were unable to service your request.

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